Social Strife in America

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Racism and prejudice in the United States is nothing new. The very foundations of our country were poured by slaves forced to work in the fields for the white man. Enslaved only because of the color of their skin, these people were relegated to subhuman standards. Over hundreds of years, blood, sweat, and tears have only brought their widely-perceived social status to "acceptable" standards. The social stigma of the United States is that if you …

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…happening. Am I racist? I do not consider myself one because I do not actively nor passively discriminate. I've been called "fatso" enough to know sticks and stones may break my bones, but words hurt even more. Racism, prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry are some of those many gigantic social crises that will require a major overhaul of the way society thinks and acts before any widespread resolutions or new ways of thought can come about.