Social Darwinism

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In his most famous book On the Origin of Species, Darwin included four major arguments: that new species appear; that these new species have evolved from older species; that the evolution of species is the result of natural selection; and "that natural selection depends upon variations and the maintenance of variation in spite of the tendency of natural selection to eliminate 'unfit' variants" (403). After Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, Herbert Spencer(1820…

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…Society as a whole is always changing and evolving to fit its surroundings, and in doing so, is progressing, whether in a positive or negative direction. When the question is asked, "Did Social Darwinism have a positive impact on society?," there is no way to answer, because society is a constantly changing organism. The only thing that can be taken as fact is that Social Darwinism did have a large impact on today's modern society.