So Far From God

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Eisenhower, John S. D. So Far From God: The U. S. War with Mexico 1846 – 1848. New York: Random House, 1989, xxvi, 436. Mr. John Eisenhower is a retired Army General from Westchester, Pennsylvania. He is also the son of retired General and later President, Dwight D. Eisehower. He is an author as well as a military historian. Mr. Eisenhower’s other works include, The Bitter Woods, published in 1987 and critically acclaimed by Life magazine author, S. L. A. …

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…that mattered and with the proper political support could remain there indefinitely. The outcome should never have been a forgone conclusion. From the troops’ battle with disease and the vastness of the territory, it is an amazing feat that they reached their objective at all. The effect of the war on the two countries’ relationship is better represented within this book than our text. Portrayal of this resulting relationship was the author’s main preoccupation.