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-What I learned - Facts - Risks -Why they smoke -Names for nicotine -Signs of a smoker -Caner types from smoking -Symptoms of a smoker -Steps for quitting -End Fact -Interview Smoking What I learned is that although many people in the world use some type of the drug Nicotine, more and more people die from it every day. The risks, hardships and diseases are overwhelming. Nowadays, teenagers are taking tremendous steps of action. One …

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…is. Me: would you have any advice to the people who don't smoke and who are thinking about it (because of peer pressure)? Friend: Yes I do. Simply, DON'T DO IT! It's a nasty habit to try and kick. In the end it will get the better of you. Believe me I know, I've seen it happen. Me: Thank you very much. Friend: Your welcome. And don't you ever smoke. Me: Don't worry, I won't