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Smerdyakov Dostoevsky first presents Smerdyakov, in The Brothers Karamazov, in Book 3 of Part 1. The author divulges details of the conception of the fourth son of Fyodor Pavovich Karamazov. Late on a September evening, a drunk Fyodor, by modern standards, "rapes" a homeless woman. Stinking Lizaveta, the victim of Fyodor's violence, was a legend in the town. Regardless of her unattractive and dirty appearance, her poverty, and homelessness, the townspeople regarded her with sympathy and compassion. …

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…his plans, he is aware also of the immorality of murder. Like Zisoma's "mysterious visitor," Smerdyakov commits his crimes out of passion. He does not wait for the jury to consider his case. Like the "mysterious visitor," he has convicted himself of murder and sentences himself death. Smerdyakov's vicious crime and brutal punishment complete a full life of violence starting at his conception. His passionately violent nature erupts implosively beneath a mask of implacable calm.