Slavery in Texas

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AN EMPIRE FOR SLAVERY In the book, "An Empire for Slavery", Randolph B. Clark describes the way in which Texas slaves coped with life under oppressive circumstances. Some of the topics discussed in the book include how slaves approached daily chores and provided for their material and physical condition. Also, it is demonstrated how slaves tended to their psychological and spiritual well being and how they displayed their feelings towards this "Peculiar Institution." Some slaves …

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…tractors would have made ownership of slaves economically unfeasible. The important lesson here is that everyone now can and does have equal access to the opportunities created by the greatest system of government the world has ever known, a government that was helped to be created by the efforts of everyone. Our constitution guarantees the PURSUIT of happiness. However, we must pursue. Bibliography Retired, 42 years, college student with consentrations in history, government, finance and marketing.