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Jhonan Mercado Women Studies 187 Lisa D. Robinson Question #3 March 28, 1997 Slavery in America The enslavement of the Black man was not the first time slavery existed in history. According to history, another group of people that were enslaved were the Israelites in Egypt. However, no slavery, even that of the Israelites, in history was worse than the slavery of the Black man. The slavery of the Black man in America was the cruelest ever known to …

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…were prohibited to practice their African beliefs. In Santeria the slaves would their beliefs with the use Catholic saints. People say that white supremacy started with slavery of the Black man. White Supremacy started when the Greeks ransacked the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. They stole all of the African teachings and principles and announce them as their own. The Black family is still suffering today. Slavery has not ended; it is more mental now.