Slaughterhouse 5

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Kurt Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse Five as well as many other novels. Slaughterhouse Five is the story of Billy Pilgrim. Pilgrim is a time traveling war veteran who is "unstuck" in time. The entire novel is a journey through this universe. He visits strange planets and the bombing of Dresden in Germany. Human cruelty is the overall theme of the novel. It is the behavior of men that they will harm anything weak. There is always …

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…Pilgrim and Kilgore Trout. Billy Pilgrim tries to survive the ordeals he is thrown into and is a true adventurer. Trout is also stuck in the fray. The style of the novel is light and even pretty funny. The language reflects the story and is wordy, and little complicated . The book uses its comedy to help get the reader through the complex plot. This book makes you think. All the sci-fi incidents capture your imagination.