Sir Lord Byron's use of the byronic hero.

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Perhaps the most significant element to be pulled from the vast amount of important and celebrated literature of the 19th century Poet Lord Byron is his contribution of the character he created known as the Byronic Hero. As Lord Byron's appellation, the Byronic hero is an important literary character, which proves useful when one attempts to understand and grasp the literary style that lord Byron wrote in, and the person that he was. The Byronic …

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…In conclusion although the Byronic Hero may be contrasting he exhibits many important characteristics and qualities, which allow him to be considered a unique character. The Byronic hero's ability to grasp the rewards of individualism as well as the need to escape to a more challenging and worth wile place is somewhat admirable. The Byronic hero represents Byron in many ways and does a very good job of conveying Lord Byron's interpretation of the world.