Singers in the Odyssey

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During the Odyssey, many singers are mentioned. They told stories of the past and the stories about the gods to entertain the household they were singing for. Singers were well respected because they had a divine gift from the Muses. Phemios and Demodokos are two examples of singers in the poem. Phemios was a singer in the house of Odysseus. While Odysseus was away in battle and his journey home, Phemios was made to sing …

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…in me the song-ways of every kind. I am such a one as can sing before you as to a god. Then do not be furious to behead me. (344 349, Book XXII) Singers in the Odyssey had an important part in the story because they gave the background stories of some characters and gods. They widely respected by all who listened to them. This is also why they have a relatively big part in the story.