Similarities of Two Famous Tales of Love. West Side Story and Romero and Juliet.

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It discusses the similarities and differences of West Side Story and Romero and Juliet...there are a lot of similarities good detail, nice perception Similarities of Two Famous Tales of Love         In one of the most famous love stories of this century, many elements from anotherfamous tale of love were borrowed. In many instances, Westside Story mirrored Shakespeare'sRomeo And Juliet. Many similarities were noted from the characterization to the plot structure.However, they differed as …

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…a lecture much like the Prince's 'All are punished !'( ), saying it wasn't Chino who killed Tony it was everyone because everyone was filled with hate.         Thus, the characters, plot, humor, and setting of Westside Story originated from one Shakespeare's most prolific plays, Romeo And Juliet . The similarities of these two famous tales of love made Westside Story showed that a love story from ages ago could reappear and be successful in the 20th century.