Similarities between WW1 and The destruction of the Second Temple

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'The enemy trapped the Jews in the city by building a wall around it. Foodstuffs could not be brought in: starvation and crowded conditions gave rise to disease, and epidemics spread among the populace. But surprisingly the Jews held on. Then the enemy massed troops outside the wall and brought out the latest in weaponry. They attacked, using fire to spread destruction. The Jews repelled the enemy a number of times. So savage was the …

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…State of Israel was reborn. The destruction of the Second Temple serves with the Holocaust as a frame the Jewish experience in the world. For instance just as no other people in the modern era has suffered a devastation comparable to that of the Jews during the Holocaust the attack on Jerusalem was unparalleled in the ancient world. 'No destruction ever wrought by G-D or man approached the wholesale carnage of this war' said Josephus.