Sigmund Freud

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The brain, an organ we all have. It is an organ whose power can overcome any challenge. The brain holds what we know as the human unconscious mind. This is a place filled with mysteries and contradictions. It is almost impossible to regard a person's brain without an involuntary tingle of curiosity: what lay deep within the coralline gray whorls of this small, delicate kingdom? What happens along its intricate hallways, within the fine cerebral …

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…time, particularly among his medical colleagues. With psychoanalysis, Freud added psychological treatment methods to the biological basis of psychiatry. Beyond that, Freud's concepts--such as the powerful influence of the unconscious thought and behavior and the equally powerful influence of the apparently forgotten past on the present--have become part of our culture. Just as Theseus forever changed his fathers empire when he slayed the minotaur, Freud did when he vanquished the mysteries of the human mind.