Short story - honeymoon couple, plane, hijacking, suicide

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Hijacked If you are listening to this it is because I meant for you to. If you are listening to this it is because I am dead. My name is Zach. That's all you need to know. My wife Aubrey and I are passengers on this plane. We were wed yesterday and were just heading to the British Virgin Island of Tortolla for our week-long honeymoon. About half way there I took over the plane, …

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…hippest rap CD, just give them your love. All I am asking is that people show their children some love. Unfortunately I wouldn't know how to do that, because I was never shown that. And that's a wrap. It's a wrap because the fourth and final engine light, signifying a burnt out engine, has just lit up before my eyes. The plane has started to rattle and shake. It is only moments now. God bless.