Short Story, Critical Analysis of Two Kinds

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Short Story, Critical Analysis of Two Kinds Amy Tan's two kinds is a short story which dipicts the relationship between an immigrant mother, an American daughter and their inability to understand each other. Although most mother/daughter relationships have difficult times, when neither side is willing to bend, sometimes in winning the battle, you lose the war. The story "two Kinds" is set in Chinatown, in Sacramento, in the late 50's to early 60's. Jing-Mei …

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…her devastating their relationship. In the end, the piano represents reconciliation, Jing-Mei's mother gives the piano to Jing-Mei for her 30th birthday, Jing-Mei is pleased as it gives her a sense of pride "as if it were a shiny trophy I had won back" In conclusion, Jing-Mei and her mother, both determined to win the battle of wills, can't see that determination to have their own way stops them from seeing everything they could lose.