Shawshank Redemption 2

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Shawshank Redemption The main character, Andy, is an accountant who was convicted of murdering his own wife. He is taken out of a life in which he is comfortable and placed in an environment that is completely foreign to him. The of other prisoners' lifestyles are not similar to his own. Andy is educated and probably has never had any other crimes other than parking violations. The challenges that Andy faces throughout the course of …

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…experiences with other RA's so that I can provide encouragement to them. Regardless of the problem you can always accommodate yourself to the specific problem. Although, the character found assimilation detrimental and it was not even an option for him. He would have had to give up his own identity and act as a mindless slave. In addition, I would share with them my own experiences when accommodating in relevant and when assimilation is relevant.