Shakespeare's Othello, Iago, A True Villain

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A True Villain In all of Shakespeare none of his characters prove to be a greater villain than the manipulative Iago. In Shakespeare's Othello, Iago portrays the evil essence of the play and is the one responsible for the downfall of the characters. Unlike most villains Iago's intellect and knowledge of the other characters are his only devices. Iago uses these qualities to gain respect and loyalty while destroying their lives. Villains, for the most …

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…actions but it is a small price to pay in the life of a villain, who has managed such a task as Iago. This villain is one who has greatly achieved his goal of manipulation and exploiting the strengths and weaknesses as others as his own tools. There is no doubt about it, Iago is a true villain. It will be another century before a villain as great as Iago be known to this world.