Shakespeare lack of understanding of women

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Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew Paper I believe that Shakespeare had a very little understanding of women. In this play The Taming of the Shrew the women seem very flat. There is Kate; she is the proverbial "witchy" woman. The butt of jokes men think of while sitting around a campfire discussing their troubles with women, or the woman everyman wants to go out with and "conquer" to prove how really "macho" he is. Then …

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…gone somewhat into widows past. Or if he had shown private flashes of rage by Bianca, that went against her preset character. I would have also enjoyed somewhat of a prologue of sorts. An explanation of the roots of Kates bitterness towards her sister, the suitors, and life itself. So that's my paper…..You can stop reading now, theres nothing left……go on go on to another page… okay look away……….NOW. Bibliography no biblio