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In Shabanu, by Suzanne Fisher, Shabanu must search for her own identity. Shabanu is influenced by her family, especially her completely different older sister Phulan. Phulan is beautiful, more like their mother whom she helps around the house. Shabanu is wild and strong like their father, and helps him with the camels and other yard work. They are both betrothed to marry, when they come of age. For the past few years, Shabanu helps her …

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…what other people thought of her. She was always comparing herself to Rebecca. In The Good Earth, Wang Lung was trying to be something that impressed other people. In Shabanu, she was ignoring her true feelings in her heart. These three characters, find themselves in the end. They find out that their real identity is the unique person inside of them, not the person they must live up to or what others expect from them.