Sexual Harassment: Who is the victim?

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Sexual Harassment: Who is the Victim? There has been a recent rash of sexual harassment allegations in today’s business America. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 1990 to 1995, the number of sexual harassment cases reported increased by one hundred and fifty-three percent (Peterson 39). These allegations end up very complicated and drawn out because of the lack of sexual harassment laws, which specifically address it. In this time where the laws rarely protect the …

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…the specifics on the case of Ms. Mannon and the Coors Company. Peterson, Athena. “Include Mental Health Benefits In Sex-Harassment Cases.” Puget Sound Business Journal 20.42 18 Feb. 2000: 39. Gives advice on how to avoid sexual harassment litigation and includes interesting studies on sexual harassment cases. Thompson, Mark. “Groping Generals.” Time 155.14 10 April 2000: 36. This is an article of Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy’s report of sexual harassment on Sergeant Major Gene McKinney. It gives the specifics surrounding the incident.