SexEd vs AbstinenceOnly Education

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SEX-EDUCATION VS. ABSTINENCE-ONLY EDUCATION Why is it that even in times like these, when teen pregnancy rates and the transmission of STDs are at their highest, schools all over the United States are continuing to distribute condoms? Instead of teaching kids to wait to have sex, we're being taught how to use condoms and where to go for help and parenthood planning. Girls in the 7th grade are no longer asking "Where do babies come …

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…like to be clean and pure for your future husband or wife. You cannot have it both ways. Our world is cruel and so are the many people who lie about their past relationships. It is never really possible to accurately guess if a person will give you an STD or get you pregnant. So instead of trying to promote "safe sex" with National Condom Weeks, maybe they should start with a National Abstinence Week.