Setting up a private practice for Counseling.

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Assignment 1. Discuss the planning and setting up of a practice for counselling. 1.1. THE PLANNING FUNCTION The Planning function is the starting point and the laying of the practice foundations when setting up your own practice. Planning is the aspect of general management in which we determine in advance what we want to achieve, and how to achieve it. Objectives must be drawn up and a systematic plan formulated. Planning must be realistic and flexible. 1.1.2 What …

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…aspect of assessment. The same understandings about any system that are requisite for professional interaction with that system are the core of the assessment stage of the inventive or service process. A social study is an assessment. Observations of behaviour are important sources, as are questionnaires and other research tools that are sometimes used to gather needed information, as are various tests. Assessment is an essential ingredient for the individualization of people and social systems.