Setting in Kate Chopin's the Storm

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The setting for "The Storm" by Kate Chopin begins with a thunderstorm. The first characters that the author mentions are Bobinot and his son Bibi. They buy a can of shrimps for Calixta but are prevented from getting them to her by the storm (Chopin, 96). The author changes the setting and tells about Calixta at home. A man named Alcee arrives at her house that she has not seen in a long time. The violence …

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…uses the storm to symbolize the freshness and renewing that comes from the actions of Calixta and Alcee. The author makes the storm the driving force in bringing the two main characters together. The thunderstorm is parallel with the passion and brings happiness to everyone. Without the storm the characters would not have felt a new love for each other. The storm was the key to making all the good things happen in this story.