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April 5th, 2002 Causes of World War I 1)Nationalism ?Biggest cause of the First World War ?At the root of all problems -British Nationalism ?German rival naval fleet prompts British to increase their own ?Trade opposition (Germany) ?Germany was producing more coal and steal than Britain & France together, makes the British mad ?Britain's nationalism is due to their concern over Germany -Germany's Nationalism ?Driven by their newfound confidence over becoming a big power ?Ahead in …

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…f new technology and its impact on changing the face of battle and the nature of warfare ?Campaigns/ Battles that change the course/ outcome of the war ØStudy of warfare; need to change ?Turning points; marquee events ØThere were no turning points as such in world war I because they reached a stalemate, and had continuous trench warfare ?Total war ØThere is no such thing as a non-combatant ØZeppelin raids ?Bombs dropped over central Europe