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JOHN JOUBERT A Not-So-Well Known Serial Killer ABSTRACT On a warm summer morning in September of 1983 a young boy's life was about to end. He would be the victim of a person who most people would never have suspected. This would be one of 3 murders in a close community and one of America's Military bases. A young boy named Danny Joe Eberle was up early on a Sunday morning like many Sundays before that. Danny …

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…the young boys. I guess he was trying to show remorse. After stays of execution in 1988, 1990, and 1991, John J. Joubert was put to death by electrocution on June 28, 1996; eleven years after these horrible crimes were committed. He did pay for the deaths of Danny Joe Eberle and Christopher Paul Walden. REFERENCES Death Row (1989). Glen Hare Publications. Jim Ivey, Glen Hare, Kathy Bergmann. And Russ Yanda. Case of John Joubert. (1996)