Sequences of King Lear which display varying perceptions of different characters

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In Shakespeare's King Lear, there are several sequences which display the varying perceptions of different characters. The perceptions of the characters often differs because of what they are able to see and also in their nature. Such factors obstruct their vision, not allowing them to see clearly. One sequence which may illustrate this is the banishing of Cordelia after she refuses Lear's test of love. Another sequence is the gouging of Gloucester's eyes by Cornwall. …

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…make decisions which, if wrong, are corrected through the play's progression. The nature of the characters along with their personal desire cause them to be biased and sometimes predictable in their actions. Often times, it is the obstruction created by other characters which prevents them from seeing clearly. Eventually, in the climactic play's end, all wrong is corrected, unfortunately at the cost of several lives of many innocent people, making King Lear a true tragedy.