Self deception, comparison between Sorrows of Young Werther and Frederick Douglass.

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Self-Deception Goethe made a character that came in contact with several people who deceived themselves for one reason or another. Frederick Douglass came in contact with more people who made false reasons for them to believe in something. It's not rare in society that someone makes him or herself think one thing for their own satisfaction but is actually the opposite. When a person does deceive himself, society does nothing to prevent it. In fact, …

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…more power, but all men are equal by law. Society deems celebrities and athletes to be at the top of our community and we should look up to them. We have created a world where a man living in poverty will think he has no place in society. As our world changes, so do the ways we deceive ourselves. As long as society is superior to the individual, we will always find ways for slef-deception.