Self Reponse to Prayer Before Birth Louis Macneice

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A good poem does not need superb text; it needs superb use of poetic techniques and a good structure. 'Prayer before birth' is a fine example of a good poem; however, the text is superb too. My self response for this poem was first negative but afterwards I agreed with some points. However, I felt angry when the author expects water to support him and trees to talk to him, but afterwards going in the …

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…this as assonance. This is used to involve the reader in the poem and think about the author's situation. Similes have been placed within the poem. 'Blow me like thistledown.' The author has been compared to thistledown. In conclusion, the text is not the only the main thing in a poem; correct use of poetic techniques and structuring of a poem is also very important- and this poem is a fine example of it.