Self-Fulfillment and the Relationship Between Men and Women (The Story of an Hour, A Wagner Matinee, and The Yellow Wallpaper)

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The late 1800’s were a time of repression for women. A woman was expected to conform to her husband’s ideals and accept a life of his control. Even today, the relationship between men and women sometimes seems unequal. In her essay “Disappointment is the Lot of Women,” Lucy Stone discusses the different treatment of men and women. “When… I reached forth after the sources of knowledge, I was reproved with ‘It isn’t fit …

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…that “In education, in marriage, in religion, in everything, disappointment is the lot of woman” (1). All three stories deal with a woman’s disappointment and frustration while trying to discover who she really is in a male-dominated society, and the obstacles she must or simply cannot overcome in order to become a person who appreciates life and has the will to live it on her own, rather than under the control of a male figure.