Selecting a Pure Breed

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All dogs, impure as well as pure-bred, and several wild cousins such as wolves and foxes, are one family. Each breed was created by human beings, using selective breeding to get desired qualities. The result is an almost unbelievable diversity of purebred dogs that will, when bred to others of their breed, produce their own kind. A "breed standard" is a written description of a given breed. This description uses words to define what a …

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…energetic dogs, sedate dogs, extroverted dogs and those that prefer the fellowship of one or a few familiar faces. Choosing the purebred dog that's right for you requires some work. By narrowing down these groups you can find a dog to fit your life style and personality. Bibliography Bibliography The American Kennel Club's The Complete Dog Book, 19th Edition Revised Article Breed Standards, by Sari B. Tietjen The American Kennel Club website, www.AKC.ORG