Second-hand smoke and children.

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Second-Hand Smoke and Children Billions of people around the world smoke cigarettes each day. Many of these people have children, yet they fail to stop smoking around them. Also, many pregnant women continue to smoke despite the fact that they are passing the nicotine onto the unborn fetus. Many people do not realize the negative affects of second-hand smoke, however, others know these dangers, and they simply fail to do anything about it. Not only …

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…your child, or unborn child from the negative side affects of second-hand smoke. You can make sure that you keep your home and car smoke-free, if you smoke, quit or smoke outside of your home, be sure that your child's school is smoke free, write to public officials to ban smoking in malls, restaurants, workplaces, and on public transportation. Second-hand smoke can kill your child; do you really want to be partially responsible for this?