Search for Justice A summary of the first book of Plato's Republic

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In the first four books of The Republic, Plato writes about Socrates’ dialogues with various characters as they attempt to find an accurate definition of justice or right conduct. As is usual for a Socratic Dialogue, each conversation opens with the question “What is X?” - In this case, “How do you define Justice?” In the search for the answer, the person dialoging with Socrates finds themselves constantly adjusting their answer to overcome Socrates’ criticisms, …

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…is at least far more complicated than they had imagined. 1- Cross and Woozley, Page 1-2. 2- Rouse, The Republic: Book I; Page 129. 3- Cross and Woozley, Page 3. Bibliography Rouse, W.H.D. Great Dialogues of Plato. Penguin Books USA Inc, New York; 1984. Cross, R.C. and Woozley, A.D. Plato’s Republic: A Philosophical Commentary. St. Martin’s Press, New York; 1964. Murphy, N.R. The Interpretation of Plato’s Republic. Oxford University Press, London; 1967.