Scientific Revolution

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Scientific Revolution: George Cuvier  Born in Montbeliard, Burgundy. He went to Caroline University and studied administrative, juridical, and economic sciences in 1784. Also studied anatomy.  Finished his studies in 1788 and went to work as a tutor for a French family.  Moved to Paris in 1795 and was invited by a French naturalist Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire to work at the Museum of Natural History. He immediately became professor of zoology and assistant professor of animal anatomy.  Cuvier advanced …

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…eclipse of the moon) of the star Aldebaran on March 9, 1497.  In 1500, Copernicus was lecturing on astronomy in Rome. The next year he went to Padua, the university where Galileo taught a century later and studied medicine.  Returned to Poland and published his first book while writing many others.  Founded the idea that the earth was not the center of the universe.  Most major thinkers in England, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark were Copernicans.  Died in 1543.