Science Midterm Notes for 6th graders.

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Science Midterm- Scientific Method: 1) State a problem- gathering information and asking a question about what you observe 2) Form of Hypothesis- a statement about what you think is the answer to your problem (in an if, then statement) 3) Design an experiment- gathering our materials, making a procedure, and testing our hypothesis 4) Record and analyze data- writing down all your measurements 5) Draw a conclusion- you compare your data with your hypothesis 6) Control- is what it is used …

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…to reach adulterer 1)Metamorphosis Complete: a) many stages of development b) Drastic change c) Sometimes includes a resting stage Ex: Butterfly Egg larva pupa butterfly (Caterpillars)(Resting stage) Ex: frog Egg tadpole legs, lung frog Gills tail absorbs Tail form teeth Find food Metamorphosis Incomplete- a) less stages of development b) The changes are not as drastic c) There is no total resting stage Ex: grasshoppers Egg nymph adult grasshopper No wings Wings Smaller Larger