School Violence: the seveirty of this worldwide dillema, descriptions of incidences, and what is being done

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School Violence School violence is a worldwide epidemic that terrorizes many innocent victims each year. Violence has been prominent in schools for as long as anyone can remember, but recently, violence has taken on a more severe and increasingly dangerous role in schools around the world. The classic situation of bullying and teasing in schools is no longer the concern of parents, teachers, and students. Instead, people are now forced to worry about school shootings …

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…in schools across the world. This worldwide epidemic is terrorizing a large number of innocent victims year after year. Violence in schools has magnified over the years and manifested itself as an unstoppable force in today's society. Despite the attempts made by schools and the government, violence in schools continues to occur. One can only hope that the madness will someday stop, and children around the world will all get an equal opportunity at living.