Scarlet Letter

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Hester and the Scarlet Letter: Unobtainable Simplicity The achievement of simplicity in life never occurs because things are not simple, but manifold, being viewed differently, and speaking more than one purpose. Nathaniel Hawthorne journeys to seventeenth century Boston and introduces Hester Prynne as he makes his awareness of this idea evident. Through The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne presents the complexity of life’s components whether they appear as simple as an embroidered letter or as intricate …

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…own letter has originated from, and different because of the way it is viewed by various subjects. Hester and her scarlet letter are a perfect example; a result of passion looked upon from three perspectives. Hawthorne’s tragic moral vision is illuminated in his beloved character and the letter she bore. The universal idea that there is more than one way to view things is not only a truth, but also a complexity in itself.