Savannah Monitor

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Savannah monitors (Varanus exanthematicus) are medium-sized monitor lizards that are usually readily available in most reptile specialty stores and from breeders. They are intelligent (for lizards), beautiful, usually tame pretty easily, and do not grow as large as some monitors. Savannahs usually are less expensive to purchase than some of the other monitor species. Savannah monitors hail from Africa, and they are also listed as a "threatened" species in their natural habitat, due to the …

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…eat more than is good for them if given the chance! Again, you will have to use your judgment to decide what feeding regimen is best for your lizard. The Savannah Monitor makes for an interesting and easily maintained pet to keep, and live for many years. If you are thinking about purchasing a new pet, consider taking a look at the monitor family. "The General Care and Maintenance of Savannah Monitors" by: Michael Balsai