"Savage Inequalities", by Jonathan Kozol, about racism against blacks in the U.S.

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The importance of public education has been emphasized in American history numerous times. Despite having many great public schools in this country, America has one of the worst public education systems among the advanced nations of the world. Equality in education was one of many issues that the Civil Rights movement fought for. This inequality in the education, after about 25 years of the Civil Rights movement, led Jonathan Kozol to make general public aware of …

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…well in his book Savage Inequalities. His use of statistics throughout the book works against his intension of persuading his readers because the reader reads these aimlessly throughout the book. He also fails to include people of all ethnicities and regions of the United States in his book, giving the feeling of being excluded to many of his readers. Because of all these reasons, I think Savage Inequalities is not very effective and convincing book.