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A Book Review of Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan Historians such as Drew McCoy and Joseph Ellis have produced noteworthy studies of the Founders and their impact on the time period of the American Revolution. Fowler's supplement to this blossoming literature is in many ways a traditional biography. It investigates Samuel Adams's life as it unfolded and pays less attention to the larger conceptual issues that commanded the age. No reader can escape this brief biography …

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…the book apart, we can say with certainty that the biography is a great source if one wants to know more Boston politics in Adams's days. The political scenes, and all the conflicts and rifts that arose have been carefully written with a depth that can not be ignored. Bibliography Peter C. Mancall, “Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan,” Historian, v. 61, issue 4, Summer 1999, 903-904 Fowler, William: Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan, New York: Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc., 1997, Pp. 37, 77, 94