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To:Diane West, Ashley Saliba From:Jane Doe Re:Ad campaign for Premier Bank of Brentwood Date:January 23, 2003 Thank you for the opportunity of presenting this proposal for the Premier Bank of Brentwood. I know you were well down the road on making marketing decisions for the coming year when I came into the picture. I know others in my field have had more time to prepare proposals for you. But, I also know that …

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…coming to "our" booth will draw for a shirt, adding to the fun of it. And, we could also guarantee a shirt if a new customer wants to open an account that night. Obviously all bank employees would be sporting the shirts, insuring that everyone at the event would ask, "Where can I get one of those?" Costs for this campaign: Monthly retainer:$2,000 (beginning in February) $22,000 Printing Costs, All materials: T-shirts:$975 Advertising costs:Unknown Total:$