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Jamie Evans September 12, 2000 Sainte-Chapelle “The choice colors of the painting, the costly gilding of the carving, the delicate translucency of the red glowing windows, the splendid altar carvings, the miracles working power of the sacred relics, and the decorations of the shrines sparkling with their precious stones lend this house of prayer such an intensity of adornment that entering one would think one had been transported to Heaven, setting foot in one of the finest …

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…feast, chromatically sumptuous and gloriously opulent and it stands as a testament to the cultural and political wealth of 13th century France. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Consulted Brandenburg, Alain Erlande, “The Cathedral”, Cambridge University Press, New York, 1989. Icher, Francois, “Building the Great Cathedrals”, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1998. Toman, Rolf, “Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Picture”, Konemann, Cologne, Germany, 1999. Von Simson, Otto, “The Gothic Cathedral”, Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1956. Wilson, Christopher, “The Gothic Cathedral”, Thames and Hudson, London, 1990.