Saddam Hussein (abused or abuser) His Rise To Power.

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Saddam Hussein (abused or abuser) His Rise To Power Have you or anyone you know ever been a victim of mental, physical, or sexual abuse? If so I'm sure you are familiar with the psychological damage such issues create. I know this subject will be a touchy area for a lot of people. It affects us politically, hurts us mentally, and spurs us to take some form of physical action. The concept that I want …

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…a neglected newborn, abandoned by his birth father, ignored by his mother, and physically and mentally abused for most of his childhood. Also once again I want to repeat that this speech was not meant to be a cry for understanding, compassion, or sympathy. On the contrary, it was meant to show you the type of evils that are born and created through human ignorance, and what exactly we as a nation are up against. .