Sacrament of Sacrifice - Interpretation of Porter's "Flowering Judas"

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Sacrament of Sacrifice “Flowering Judas was written between seven o’clock and midnight of a very cold December, 1929, in Brooklyn. The experiences from which it was made occurred several years before in Mexico…”(Porter). These were five hours of clustered, categorized, and explained personage in the form of literature. Katherine Porter revealed the above statement during an interview with Ray West. She would continue to say that the character of Laura “was modeled upon a …

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…and we must hurry” (Porter 1708). As Eugenio and Laura reach the termination point, he corrupts the sacrament of communion as he presents her with the flowers of the Judas tree. He says, “Take eat these flowers, poor prisoner; Murderer and Cannibal! This is my body and by blood” (Porter 1708). Laura cries out, “No,” and at the sound of her own shouting voice she awakens. Trembling, shaken, terrified, Laura is afraid to sleep again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**