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At the last debating whereof he made such arguments and reasons there against, that the King's demands were thereby overthrown. So that one of the King's privy chamber, named Mr. Tyler, being present thereat, brought word to the King out of the Parliament house, that a beardless boy had disappointed all his purposes. Whereupon the King conceiving great indignation towards him could not be satisfied until he had some way revenged it. And forasmuch as …

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…frustration to the humanists. In addition to More, Henry slew Dr. Richard Reynolds and John Fisher, both very prominent churchmen, as well as John Houghton and a whole monastery of Carthusian monks under Houghton's care. As a young man More had seriously considered joining the Carthusian order. Henry also imprisoned two of his country's greatest humanist, courtier poets, Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. Wyatt he imprisoned and broke; Surrey he killed.