Russian revolutions

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Modern History oral task. The word at the beginning of the 20th century – Russian Revolutions. Tsar Nicholas II  Nicholas inherited the role of Tsar off his father in 1855, when his father Nicholas I passed away.  Tsar Nicholas did not have the abilities to be a natural autocrat. He considered it his duty to act as autocrat.  Nicholas tried to keep power. This produced a highly inefficient form of government and the First World War threw …

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…wrong, that all businesses, farms, and public services should be owned by the state. Workers should be paid according to the value of the work that they did, and not according to whom they were or what they could demand.  The Bolsheviks set up a secret police force, which ruthlessly murdered Lenin’s opponents.  The Bolsheviks turned Russia into a dictatorship far more violent and far more extreme than it had been under the tsars.