Russian Czar Peter the Great

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Peter The Great's Cruelty and It's Effect on His Power Peter the Great's reign over Russia paved the way for Russia's future as a world power. His many reforms and westernization of the country influenced millions and left a lasting legacy. The complexity of Peter is astonishing, his intellectual curiosity, combined with his hasty temper and cruelty caused a tumultuous but successful reign as Tsar. His brilliance as a ruler profoundly effected Russian society but …

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…Peter was coming himself to seize him. Alexis agreed to return to Russia if he was granted two requests, to be allowed to live a simple life in a country house and that he be allowed to marry Afrosina. Tolstoy told Alexis that he would grant the demands, later writing to Peter, telling him that Alexis' disappearance would be explained by Alexis running away with a mistress and not because of problems with his father