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In recent times, Russian presses have been full of articles analyzing the Russian economy and making forecasts, most of them pessimistic. Many would say the Russian economy has failed miserably in the past one hundred years. After the 1917 Revolution, an attempt was made by the Communists to create an economy based on socialist principles. The thought was that the capitalist system led to a chaotic economy, cruel exploitation of workers and unemployment. The Russian socialist …

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…Stalin, Lenin, Yeltsin, and the Tzar) but all of them had their many moments of failures. The new “Commonwealth of Independent States” or the CIS has worked hard to make new plans for an economy that can rise to the occasion and become the best it has ever been before. With their abundance of natural resources, manpower, and knowledgeable people, Russia can become a major power quickly, but all they need is a guiding hand.