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Russia In the 20th century there have been many artistic movements that define the way we view art. In 1961 there was not a defining movement, but a transition to a contemporary style that would set the pace for the rest of the century. Many painters wanted to follow the form of avant-garde that took place nearly thirty years earlier. At this time Khrushchev did not approve of this form. He was a strong believer of …

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…on the Road which was based on the novel by G. Nikolaeva, and Law of Baseness by Alex Ivan Medvedkin. Some other note worthy events that occurred in 1961 were the birth of the famous Russian photographer Victor Korchenko. Also famous musicians Vladimir Semeonovich Visotsky and Eugeniy Klyachkin wrote their first songs on their way to stardom. And finally Russia made a giant leap in the space race as they sent Vostok 1 and Vostok 2 into space.