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What Are The Runes Nico Lopapa Dr. Connor History And Theory of Writing September 28, 2000 What Are The Runes Runes are an ancient writing system, much like our modern alphabet, yet they also have always been far more than that. They may have started as sounds and ideas rather than the means for spelling words. There are four major divisions in rune alphabets: the Elder Futhark, the Anglo - Frisian Futhore, the Young Futhark, and the …

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…runes can be used in meditation, healing, magic and divination. They can be looked to as a way to clarify events in the readers life. Today the most popular use for runes it that of divination or “rune casting” where staves are randomly chosen and looked upon for insight. Works Cited Aartun, Kjell. RUNER , Pax Forlag, Olslo, 1994 Thorsson, Edred. Runelore, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1987 Thorsson, Edred. A Handbook of Rune Magick, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1984 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**