Rule of Law and what are its benefits and defects.

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INTRODUCTION There has been debate over the Rule of Law suggesting a separation between the rules by law and rules made by mere power of a ruler. In the days of Aristotle and Plato, there was a clear distinction between rules and rule by mere power. These distinctions will be discussed below, detailing the benefits and defects of both types of rules. More recently, the Rule of Law encompasses both rules (mainly Statutes) and judiciary-made …

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…legal system. Legally authorised judges are still needed to 'fill-in-the-gaps' where laws are too ambiguous in certain cases and to outline moral principal and ethical standards. Conclusion Being ruled by law and ruled by judiciary are crucial to the Rule of Law. Both are interdependent and they ensure each validly exercises power upon its subjects. One's defects may be another's benefits and vice versa, thus both are co-dependent and incident to the rule of law.